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Just Step 1 in Our Quest for World Domination

Hellfire & Brimstone Enterprises was established in 2014. Under the guise of an embroidery and digitizing enterprise, we will hone and perfect the business skills required to dominate the national economy. While providing superior embroidery and digitizing services to unsuspecting Montana individuals and companies, we will be diligently working behind the scenes on multiple plans to strategically take over the planet. We will begin by studying lessons learned by those entities whose efforts at world domination were thwarted (see: Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, Loki from The Avengers, etc.). Once a master plan is constructed, we may execute it on a small unsuspecting country, like Grenada or Maldives–a country where a collapse of the national economy will not register with the world at large. With their economy in ruins, Hellfire & Brimstone will step in to stabilize and resurrect the national finances and establish them as an embroidery and digitizing superpower. After renaming our thriving new country Genesis (from the first mention of "fire & brimstone" in the Bible),we will head back to the drawing board to scale up our nefarious plans. All of this scheming is entirely dependent on the amount of free time we have between embroidery orders. 

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